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EverGuard® TPO

 EverGuard® TPO is a flexible and  highly‐reflective single-ply membrane that offers superior long‐term  weathering against the elements. If you are looking for great  performance at a cost effective price, then look no further than classic  EverGuard® TPO. This product can be installed during a variety of times  throughout the year and is guaranteed up to 30 years.

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EverGuard Extreme® TPO

EverGuard  Extreme® TPO is the best‐performing single-ply membrane that you can  buy for your property. This TPO provides next-generation performance  against heat aging and UV inhibitors, which are the two key performance  characteristics related to TPO longevity. EverGuard Extreme® TPO  outperforms the competition based on heat‐aging tests, which is why we  back this product with the industry’s best guarantees: up to 35 years!

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EverGuard® PVC

EverGuard®  PVC is a high performing single‐ply membrane that provides UV and fire  resistance. EverGuard® PVC XK is manufactured with KEE Elvaloy which  offers built‐in resistance to grease, oil, and chemicals. Similar to  TPO, it is a flexible roofing membrane with high reflectivity that  results in increased energy savings. PVC membranes can be installed in a  variety of ways and are guaranteed up to 25 years.


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Built‐Up Roofing (BUR)

GAFGLAS®  Built‐Up roof systems are made up of asphaltic BUR sheets that are  reinforced with fiberglass mats. These systems are “built‐up” on the  roof using alternating layers of hot asphalt and BUR sheets. This proven  technology provides a strong, durable roof membrane with redundant,  multi‐layer protection and you can add a reflective cap sheet as well.

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Modified Bitumen

RUBEROID®  roof systems utilize asphaltic membranes modified with SBS or APP  bitumen and reinforced with fiberglass or polyester mats to produce a  strong and flexible waterproofing membrane. These systems are very  versatile and can be installed using hot asphalt, cold adhesive, torch  applied or self‐adhered.


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Coating Solutions

TOPCOAT®  is a full line of reflective coatings and liquid membranes for all  types of metal and low slope roofing that provides an extra protection  layer and extends the life of the membrane below. TOPCOAT® systems save  energy costs by reflecting heat and harmful UV away from the building  and thereby reducing the temperature in the building.


[EnergyGuard PolyIso Roof Insulation]

EnergyGuard™ PolyIso Roof Insulation

EnergyGuard™  Polyiso Insulation board is made of glass fiber‐reinforced cellulosic  felt facers bonded to a core of isocyanurate foam. It provides high  insulation value and superior LTTR value compared to any other FM Class I  rated product of equivalent thickness at 5.7 per inch. In addition,  EnergyGuard™ ISO offers unique 6" on the center guideline facer design  to increase speed and increased accuracy of installation.

[EnergyGuard Perlite Roof Insulation]

EnergyGuard™ HD & HD Plus

EnergyGuard™  HD & HD Plus use a coated glass facer bonded to a polyiso foam. It  offers improved fire resistance–achieves a Class A rating over  combustible decks without the use of a gypsum board or firerated slip  sheet. A total of at least 3" of Energyguard™ is required. Offers added  protection for hail prone areas or roof decks with heavy traffic with  compression strengthen of 80 psi or 110 psi.

[EnergyGuard Perlite Roof Insulation]

EnergyGuard™ Perlite

EnergyGuard™  Perlite roof insulation is a homogeneous board composed of expanded  perlite particles, selected binders and cellulose fibers, which give  EnergyGuard™ Perlite roof insulation its insulating efficiency. The  surface is treated to reduce bitumen absorption assuring proper adhesion  of roof membranes.

EnergyGuard™ offers stable insulating properties and exceptional fire resistance not to mention excellent dimensional stability.

[EnergyGuard Perlite Roof Insulation]


EnergyGuard™  Composite Board Roof Insulation consists of an isocyanurate foam core  integrally bonded to ½” thick EnergyGuard™ High Density Fiberboard or  EnergyGuard™ perlite on one side and a strong organic glass facer sheet  on the other. The excellent insulating qualities of Polyiso foam are  combined with the strong surface characteristics of high density  fiberboard or perlite.

Roof Decks

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[Metal Roof Deck]

Metal Decks

Metal  decks are corrugated panesl provided in a variety of gauge thicknesses  and flute spans. They are the most common deck type and provide good  overall performance while not breaking the budget. Metal decks also  provide good wind resistance and excellent external fire and seismic  resistance.

[Plywood Roof Deck]

Wood Decks

Wood  decks are typically made of either plywood or OSB. These decks are found  more frequently out in the western region of the US due to their  excellent seismic resistance. Wood decks have fair to poor performance  in fire and wind resistance as well as foot traffic.

[Lightweight Concrete Roof Deck]

Light Weight Insulating Concrete Decks

Lightweight  Insulating Concrete Decks are non-structural and low-density. They can  be placed upon a various structural deck systems that have been designed  to carry loads such as concrete or metal. LWIC roof decks often contain  encapsulated EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation and typically have  good resistance to fire, wind and heavy foot traffic.

[Structural Concrete Roof Deck]

Structural Concrete Decks

Structural  concrete decks serve as an integral part of the structure and are  designed to carry heavy loads. They have excellent resistance to foot  traffic, fire and wind however they are typically one the more expensive  options.

* When installed properly, this system will help reduce  energy costs. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and  individual building characteristics. For more information, contact GAF  Technical Services at 1-800-ROOF-411, or visit

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